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Cardiac Rehabilitation &
Healthy Lifestyle Programme
for Heart Patients...

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We help Heart Patients who are struggling to overcome their conditions, improve their health & fitness, creating a cardio-protective lifestyle, so they can live life to the full...

Learn more about our "Cardiac Club" online membership programme to see how we can transform your heart health today.

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You have been given a second chance, an opportunity to improve your health & make positive changes in your life. By focusing on the Two Key Factors, in this FREE guide you can begin to take control of your Heart Health & reduce the risk of a future cardiac event. 

It might just save your life...

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Regain your Confidence, Improve your Fitness and get back to living a Normal Life?

The "Cardiac Club" membership programme is specifically designed to support Heart Patients recovering from Coronary Vascular Disease


If your recovering from Coronary Vascular Disease we provide a unique solution where heart patients can get all the health & fitness advice & support they need in one programme...

All The Information & Support You Need To build a Stronger Heart & Create a Healthy Lifestyle

There are several essential components required to improve your heart health and develop a healthier lifestyle.  Cardiac Club combines all these elements into one convenient programme, Fast Track your rehab journey, so you don't have to spend months sitting in front of the computer researching your condition - allowing you to get on with enjoying life...

Learn how to manage your Heart condition in any situation 

Simple techniques that enable you to alleviate feelings of anxiety & depression. Learn how to reduce your stress levels and regain your confidence.

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"Put simply, cardiac rehabilitation saves lives"

Professor Patrick Doherty, Director of the National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Overcome Your Heart Health Issues... The Easy Way

Having been a Cardiac Therapist for more than 20 years, I know one thing for sure: when patients  follow the programme, they make progress and get results, and improve their health & quality of life for their long term future.

But until now, there has never been an easy way to have all the resources you need in one place, that creates a clear and consistent path to recovery, with dedicated support every step of the way.

Cardiac Club, the fastest and easiest way to manage, your cardiac rehab journey - to getting back to living a normal life. Our clients LOVE IT!
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