Gain confidence, improve your fitness and get back to living a normal life!

If you've recently had a heart attack or cardiac event and you're anxious about what you should or shouldn't do, then the Heart Patients Handbook is the easy to follow, trusted solution, that will get you back to a normal life...

You’ll learn four simple steps that will enable you to recover from heart disease and build a heart healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy life to the full...

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Hi I'm Christian O'Hare

Since 2001, Iā€™ve been working intimately with thousands of heart patients. Iā€™ve been supporting, coaching and training heart patients withĀ virtually every heart related condition you can think of.

From heart attack, heart failure, heart transplants, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, angina, heart valve disease and many more!

And through it all, Iā€™ve discovered that there are certain habitsĀ and lifestyle changesĀ that make a BIG difference in the success of theĀ heart patients that thrive vs. those that often end up back in hospital.

Ready to take charge of your Heart Health and regain your confidence? This is the guide you've been waiting for 

So, if you’d like to tap into more than twenty years of clinical cardiac rehab experience, download the "Heart Patients Handbook" today! This ebook will ensure you get off to a great start on your heart health journey to building a cardio protective lifestyle.


  • Plan, prepare and eat a heart healthy diet
  • The power of exercise for heart fitness
  • Simple techniques to reduce anxiety & depression so you can  stress-less 
  • Understanding how heart medication plays an important role

Bonus Chapters on;

  • Managing risk factors
  • Coping with emotional challenges
  • Building a support system
  • Practical examples for lifestyle changes
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This ebook has been a complete game-changer for me. The four-step process outlined in the book is easy to understand and implement, even for someone like me who is not a medical professional.


Easy to follow guide that has given me the confidence to improve my fitness and heart health. I am now fitter and can get back to my gardening and playing with the grandkids


After my recent heart attack i was really scared and anxious, & so were my family, this ebook with its easy to follow steps has made it possible and enjoyable to make heart-healthy changes to my life,